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If you reached this gallery through my main website, you already are familiar with my landscape photography of Malta and Gozo. The beautiful Mediterranean islands, I am proud to call home!
For a nature lover, with all its unique and beautiful spots, unfortunately Malta, has also its limits. 
To experience and photograph high mountain peaks, rivers, waterfalls, forests and vast open planes, I have to travel abroad. Adventures which I take up with great anticipation!
The World is such a wonderful place, full of diversity, ready to be explored and experienced. The more you know it, the more you love it and you fight to preserve it.
I love hiking and camping in the wild!
Without ever regretting the extra weight, carrying photographic equipment is always a struggle as you try to keep your load to a minimum.
Lately, I tried out some long distance walks, and surely these won’t be the last! These are experiences, where you can get lost and immerse yourself in Nature, while pushing your own limits.  
With nothing to distract you, you can truly focus on what is happening around you. You constantly find unveiling in front of your eyes landscape masterpieces created by the natural elements — witnessing their power unleash or gracefulness calming.
When travelling I feel like a pilgrim, experiencing these places at my own pace, having great respect to wildlife and doing my best not to disturb or disrupt.  A pilgrim, whose main aim is to collect wonderful images to take back home and share with you. 
I created this gallery to showcase these beautiful places. As the portfolio format of this site does not allow me to add descriptions, I urge you to follow me on Facebook and Instagram. There, I always include details, behind the shots experiences and adventures.
Please, do get in touch if I happen to be in your area. I always love and look forward to meet great people with a common passion for Landscape Photography, Nature and the Great Outdoors!
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