Mt. Olympus NP
Bali & Java
The Kungsleden (King's Trail) is a long distance walk in the Swedish Lapland. We walked half of it from Abisko to Kvikkjok in August 2018. More then 200Km of hiking and wild camping in the breathtaking wilderness. Never walked so long before and thankfully all ended without injuries. One Nation, one passion – The Great Outdoors. You meet people from all Nations, all with a common passion; being out in nature and experiencing untouched landscape. Sharing stories of other trails and travels around the World.
Mt. Triglav NP
Mallorca GR221
The GR221 is a network of trails crossing the Sierra de Tramuntana mountain range in Mallorca, Spain. I fell in love with this Island 6 years ago when I was visiting a friend of mine who settled there. Back then I was mainly doing day walks. Then I discovered the GRs, which are long distance walks in France and Spain. This island has two – the GR221 and GR222.
Greece is full of history and legends, but this corner in the North of the country is a perfect example of how humans took advantage of the strategic pillars with minor disruptions to the landscape. The monasteries just blend and are barely visible. It is a great destination for climbers, hikers and an eye candy for landscape photographers. I visited this mystical place in October 2018 with a good friend of mine. An experience which I will never forget.
A selection of photos from a road trip in 2017. Tight with time, I barely scratched the surface of the Scottish highlands and looking forward to head back soon!
This is a selection of photos from a road trip I did in 2016 with my family. The Canadian Rockies are so impressive! and looking forward to go back for wild camping and trekking.
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